Mar 16, 2009

How to clean your guitar! /how to play the guitar/

Absolutely necessary for you to know how to properly clean and care for your beautiful
instrument. Guitars are fine instruments and deserve the best care in the world, if you
want it to look good at all times and sound great as well. Cleaning your guitar is just
part of your life now that you have purchased one for yourself. It should be as important
to you as brushing your own teeth!

I always wiping the guitar down with something like a chamois cloth, after each playing
session, is all the maintenance my guitar will ever need. Lot of players have it
backwards...They use some type of fretboard and waxing lubricants, while abusing the wood
by not keeping the guitar in it’s case, where it should be whenever it’s not being played.
When I cange the string I like to clean my guitar. What is needed is that a damp rag. Put
some serious elbow grease into it though, wipe the guitar down thoroughly with a soft,
non-abrasive cloth but first put some elbow grease into it..and do this same for the
fretboard. You just have to diluted a little oil soap with water. That's amazing! Don’t
worry about the water becouse we talk about a damp rag, and also do not forget, not only do
you have to wipe down the guitar, it is also very important to remember to always clean
your guitar strings as well.

There is something you can purchase to help clean under your strings on on them, it is
called the swipe. By using the swipe on your guitar strings all around and under them, you
will be prolonging the life of your beautiful instrument and having clean guitar strings
will also make the tone of your guitar have a more crisp, tight sound.
You can remove the "grunge" off your fretboard by giving it a very light brushing with
#000, or #0000 steel wool. And if you want to use a polish, I recommend the best polish
what I ever use Martin Guitar Polish … but do not use on the fretboard! If you want
something for the fretboard, almond oi the best.. once per year.
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