Mar 19, 2009

Rod Stewart's son brands him 'cheap'

ROD STEWART's son has accused the rocker of being "cheap" live on television.

Sean Stewart, 28, appeared on American reality court show Judge Jeanine Pirro in a battle with his personal trainer over unpaid fees.

Stewart, who's made his name in the US after appearing on a string of reality shows, is accused of failing to pay personal trainer Francois Xavier Decile for his services, which amounted to (£3,500) in unpaid sessions.

But the recently rehabbed Stewart, who told Judge Pirro he's had a hard life being Rod's son, said his dad had paid off the first debt.

But he told a stunned courtroom that his father was "cheap" for making him pay back the money.

He said: "Actually, the money he gave, the cheque he sent to Xavier, I had to pay back.
"My dad's very cheap. I don't know why."

Decile claims he quit training Stewart last August after getting sick of hearing that the star's famous dad would cover the bills.

He told the judge, "He used to say, 'Don't worry, my dad will pay you.'"

Judge Pirro, who is a former district attorney and county court judge in New York, then ordered Stewart to pay the bills.

She then told that being the son of a rock star is "nothing compared to the struggles I hear all day in this courtroom".
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