Mar 23, 2009

U2 drummer talks of retirement

U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. wants the group to retire while they are on top.

Larry believes their days are numbered and wants the band – which also consists of Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton – to split while they are still successful. /how to play the guitar/

He said: 'There will be a time when it’s like, 'It’s time to go.’ I would like that to be on a high when you’re still achieving as opposed to the curve down. That’ll be sad for me. I think it’ll be a more dignified time to go.'

However, the 47-year-old musician says if the group decides to part ways, he wouldn’t rule out a reunion. /how to play the guitar/

He said: 'We might come back in five years’ time and may do something together for old times’ sake because we know we’ll want to. That’ll be a beautiful end to a long beautiful career. It can’t go on for ever. It just can’t.'

Despite considering retirement, the Irish rockers recently announced plans for a mammoth world tour.

They will visit 14 European cities on the first leg of their '360 Degrees' run of shows, beginning at Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium on June 30.

The concerts - which features four UK dates, including a show at London's Wembley stadium on August 14 - will feature an "innovative" 360 degree set design allowing all of the audience an unobstructed view of the band. /how to play the guitar/

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