Mar 9, 2009

How to tune your guitar/how to play guitar/

I suggest you tune guitar with the tuner and memorize how first string sounds. This will help you a lot, especially in the beginning. If you don't remember how it sounds, just tune it as close as possible, it be fine. Now that you have it done, let's tune the rest of the strings.
Standard tuning for a guitar is from low to high: E-A-D-G-B-E.

There are many way to tune your guitar. Probably the easiest and fastest is to purchase one of the many electronic tuners available. These cost between $10 and $35.

If you purchase a chromatic tuner for a little more money this will allow you to tune to any note in the chromatic scale which is useful if you get into alternate tuning later...

To tune B string(the second), you simply have to press it on the 5th fret and play separately or together with open 1st string till they sound same.

You should be pressed the Third string on the 4th fret and played along with 2nd string open. until they sound same.
Just turn the tuner on, strum the 6th string, and continue to periodically strum while adjusting the tuner knob until the string is tuned properly. Then move onto the next string.

The rest of the strings are tuned pretty much like 2nd one To tune 4th string you press it on 5th fret and play with open 3rd string till they sound the same. To tune 5th string you press it on the 5th fret and play together with open 4th string. To tune 6th string thickest) you press it on 5th fret and play along with open 5th string. Also, to tune 6th string you can play it open together with open 1st string, since they are same E note.

Veterans of guitar playing already know these things.

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