Apr 9, 2009

Hendrix Style /how to play the guitar/

His famous riffs and licks are played all over the world.Jimi was a great player, but also a great songwriter - he had very good worked-out chord progressions in his playing, and his chord embelishments made his distinctive style.

It is important to write that Jimi was a master in moving through voicings and playing melodies at the same time. He often used a lot two or maybe three different tonalities in songs. This shows that his chord technique must have been flawless, as he could connect chords in such beatiful manner.Jimi was a master of using double stops to accentuate his solo playing...In this example, the key is F, and our main double stops consist of/how to play the guitar/:

1. Holding down the 5th of the F chord (the C on the 1st string, 8th fret) while we hammer and pull between the G and A below it

2. Holding down the root of the F chord (the F either on the 1st string, 13th fret or 2nd string, 6th fret) while we hammer and pull between the C and D.
He also made use of basic chord inversions while interweaving them with blues licks.Hendrix often played the major 9 chord with his thumb on the 6th string (T) and would slide the chord to different positions...

He starts with a F major 9 and slides the chord pattern to up to G, A, Bb, C major 9 and then slides back.Another one of Hendrix trademarks was the use of his thumb while playing a solo or lick.The common lick what Hendrix would use is:Hold down the 6th string (A) note with your thumb. While the bass note is ringing bend the 3rd string 7th fret (D) up to (E)and release back to D then finish the lick with the 3rd fret 5th string and finally A on the 4th string 7th fret. /how to pay the guitar/

It is not too dificult to play, this licks requre a special attention , as we use two, and sometimes three fingers together playing some of the parts. Try to play it as slowly and cleanly as you possibly can.

If there is one Jimi Hendrix lick that sticks in my mind the most, I would have to say it's the onewhere he bends up a note and pre-bends and releases another note at the same time.I think it's very cool.

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