Apr 14, 2009

Today Lesson--->Secret of Metal Guitar

Hi all! I've played in my room and I think why not talk about metal guitar! This is an interesting instrumet... maybe the most difficult...

Metal guitar is a widely varied style. The players who use the most varied technique and style within their metal system are often the most interesting.
Lot of Metal players like to use the pedal points, They very usefull and allow for big emphasise on the chords. Otherwise they help push the rhythm.

I always use pedals when I step up with my band somewhere. That's the most important key of the success.
okay... The other key is the minor. First it's sound astonishing but you can find it in the most cool metal songs. It's give your songs that dark feel.

When I was 15 years old I saw a guitar video...about Metal techniques. The most usefull was the
fast guitar pickin:

You have to use the alternate picking to allow for much faster rhythmic playing. Now you have to fill in the gap between upstrokes and downstroke beats. It's very fast. You can play double or triple speed this way.

And than just turn up the gain on your amp to get more of metal tone and riff on the E string.

I like this good rhythmic exercise becouse keep your alternate picking in continual accurate, uncluttered motion which is very important and essence of that "machine gun" sound...

That's all folks for today! I hope you find it useful:)

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