Mar 27, 2009

Green Day announce album release date

GREEN DAY'S new album is set to be released in May, it was confirmed today.
21st Century Breakdown, the band's eighth studio album, will hit the shops on May 15th and is their first release since 2004's Grammy-winning American Idiot. /how to play the guitar/

The first single from the album, Know Your Enemy, will be released in April.
21st Century Breakdown features 16 songs that are divided into three acts: 'Heroes And Cons,' 'Charlatans And Saints' and 'Horseshoes And Handgrenades.' /how to play the guitar/

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said: "American Idiot marked a really high bar for us. It's easy to go, 'OK, we can just write a collection of songs'. But there was something about trying to keep going for it."

The band also revealed that they plan to play the new album in its entirety during a world tour this summer, although dates have yet to be announced. /how to play the guitar/

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