Apr 20, 2009

Kings Of Leon Make The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

For years, Tennessee rockers Kings Of Leon's reputation has been that while they had a solid career and a fanbase in the U.S, it paled in comparison to the superstar status they received overseas. Well with last year's Only By The Night and the smash hits "Sex On Fire" and "Use Somebody," it appears that the Kings' popularity here has caught up with their successes across the pond.

The Kings are currently out on their first-ever headlining tour of North America, and are expected to be announced next week as a headliner at Lollapalooza. However, the band is most excited by an honor they received this week: the cover of the newest Rolling Stone.

"It's the cover of Rolling Stone, man. You dream about that when you start a band. It's, like, the greatest thing," frontman Caleb Followill told MTV News. "It's definitely one of those things ... that I'm pretty sure it will sink in down the road a little bit, and we'll be like, 'Holy sh--, what happened?' I mean, I still have a Rolling Stone magazine that says 'Kings of Leon' on the front of it. And to me, that was like the pinnacle."

"I don't know what made this album bigger than the rest. I think it was a series of events, between Saturday Night Live and headlining Glastonbury," drummer Nathan Followill added. "Glastonbury was big, because it was us, Jay-Z and, I don't know, Coldplay or Oasis or one of those bands. And I think that kind of got America's attention, like, 'Holy sh--, these guys are headlining the same festival that Jay-Z is?' Between that and SNL and [playing] the Garden and 'Sex on Fire' being the first song that really has ever done sh-- for us on the radio, I think this was the record that America was finally like, 'All right, now we finally get it.' "

The band is of course pleased to have reached a certain level of success back home. "It's a relief, for sure, because you want to be accepted in your home. Obviously, the U.K. and Europe have a lot to do with the Kings of Leon still being around. If it was based on America, record sales and airplay, we probably wouldn't have got to make a third record, let alone a fourth record," Nathan laughed. "But it does feel good to get recognized in the grocery store by somebody other than your mom or you fiancée. We're stoked."

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