Apr 21, 2009

Paul McCartney chased by 50 Miss USA finalists

Sir Paul McCartney was chased by 50 Miss USA finalists.

The throng of beauties - including Miss Michigan, Miss Nevada and Miss Connecticut - booked in for dinner at the 66-year-old rocker's hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday night (18.04.09) in the hope of meeting him.

A source said: "One girl heard Paul was in town and hunted him down. The girls were staying at Planet Hollywood, where the Miss USA contest was being staged, and discovered Paul's hotel was across the road. No one could stop them from looking for him, they were screeching with excitement."

The girls bombarded the former Beatle with love notes and flowers, sending them to his luxurious suite but Paul - who has been dating millionairess Nancy Shevell since November 2007 - wouldn't come out of his room.

The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Paul declined as he probably felt Nancy wouldn't be so enthralled. A couple of the girls even ran a competition to see who would be the first to get a picture or autograph, but no one even managed that."

Paul was in Las Vegas to play a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday night (19.04.09).

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